Business Cards

In my last CAD session, I created 3 different designs for business cards to promote myself and my blog, and to create a corporate identity.

To begin with, I downloaded a card template to photoshop and created 3 designs that related to my blog headers and fashion design.

I think the first business card I created (left) best reflects the theme of my blog, as the colours match those that I’ve used on my blog theme. I like the silhouette of the wire mannequin in the background, and I think it tastefully shows that my business card is for fashion design.

The second business card (centre)  is more minimalistic, and I’ve continued with the theme of using a silhouette in the background, this time using a fashion model illustration. This doesn’t match my blog as much as the first, although I have incorporated my blog header.

The third and final business card I designed is quite dark, and I think this would be impractical to write on. Once again I’ve used a silhouette, but this time in white to contrast. I think this card looks quite moody, and I likely wouldn’t use this one.

I’ve decided that the first business card I created is my favourite because it ties in well with my blog theme, so this is the one that I’ve chosen to use.

Business Card 1


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