Winter Fashion

After a pretty mild December, January is finally beginning to feel like Winter, with a cold snap on the way next week, and so I’ll be digging out the layers accordingly.

As a person that feels the cold (a lot!), I’ve noticed that a lot of ‘Winter Fashion’ advice, seems to assume that throwing a leather jacket or a jumper over your usual Spring/Summer wardrobe will magically fend off sub-zero temperatures and biting wind. Unfortunately, as great as you look before leaving the house, once your nose is red, your hands and blue and you’ve tensed up every muscle in your body in an attempt not to freeze, it doesn’t look so good anymore.

So I’ll be sharing a few of my personal Winter Fashion tips, centred around keeping warm whilst also staying true to your stylish self.

Ditch The Jeans

First thing’s first: Denim is not warm.

Everyone loves a good pair of denim jeans, they’re comfy, easy to style and timeless. But, contrary to popular belief, they’re not great at keeping you warm, especially skinny jeans, which as soon as it begins to rain, soak right through and turn your legs to ice.

So there are a few solutions to this. If you’re really into your jeans, you could invest in a pair particularly designed for winter. There are a few of these knocking around, but here are the 5 most popular that I’ve found. They do, however, come at a price.


  1. These 501’s are similar to the originals, except the denim is woven (rather than lined) with merino wool for added warmth.

£88; Levi’s

2.   Wool-cotton-blend trousers in a frosty grey look right this moment when paired with light neutrals like tan and white.

£407; Maison Martin Margiela

3.   Wax-coated jeans mirror the dressed-up vibe of leather without your actually having to pull off leather pants.

£202; Belstaff

4.   Made from heftier denim (weighing 19 ounces per square yard), this flattering dark-rinse in a tapered fit only gets better with age.

£120; Naked & Famous Denim

5.   Cut slim and made from a cotton-wool blend, these versatile pants work with everything from a dress shirt to a sweatshirt.

£150; Wings+Horns

For us mere mortals however, who are still skint from Christmas, there are some more affordable options. My go-to is to simply layer a pair of black tights underneath my jeans; the extra layer provides insulation, as it traps warm air between the layers. This only works of course with non-ripped jeans that cover the entire leg. If you favour ripped jeans, you can add interest to your outfit, and keep warm, by layering them with fashion tights; you can get these in all sorts of prints, colours and patterns to jazz up your jeans. And if you favour a more understated look, there’s always nude tights.


Alternatively, you can ditch the denim altogether. I know a lot of people shy away from dresses and skirts in the Winter, but paired with either thick tights or a sexy pair of thigh high suede or leather boots; they can look just as gorgeous and feminine as in the Summer.



Fantastic Fur

My favourite thing about winter of course is Faux Fur.

This is pretty much the only time of year that you can get away with looking like a polar-bear, so rock it! Faux fur coats are right on-trend, and can add a bit of glamour to any outfit while keeping you cosy. There are so many different styles and patterns of faux-fur coat, that you’ll easily find one (or a few!) to suit your personal style and price range. Whether you’re into traditional styles or bright, bold and unique looks; looking to splash some cash or are on a budget, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you don’t fancy going for a full  fur coat, there’s always the option of accessorising your outfit with a faux fur stole, which can look effortlessly sophisticated, and is much warmer than your average scarf!

Love your Layers

Last 00but not least- layers are your best friend during winter. Several thin layers insulate and keep you warm much better than one thick layer, so layer up!

This look consists of many different layers- some of which we probably can’t see! Here we have leather trousers paired with a check shirt, quilted gilet and chunky scarf, but this could also include a vest top or undershirt as a base layer, thick, chunky socks or even tights under the trousers, and for extra warmth, a cardigan could  even be added over the check shirt.

Hopefully these simple tips will be useful this winter, stay warm!



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