London Trip

On the 21st of October, the fashion and photography departments took a trip to London to explore the sights of the city.
After waking up at 4am to catch the coach, and spending a long 3 hours on said coach, we eventually arrived at Earl’s Court Station. Here, we queued to buy Oyster cards to travel around for the
day, which was quite an exciting experience for those new to London. Finally, we breezed through the gates and onto the tube.

The wrong tube, of course.

Once we realised that we were going in the complete opposite direction to what we intended, we got off at the next tube station that could get us to Liverpool Street- our first destination- which happened to be Notting Hill Gate. So we changed tubes and arrived, hungry, at Liverpool Street Station, ready to head to Spitalfields market. Once walking into the market, we marvelled at the rows and rows of stalls of crafts and clothing for all of 30 seconds before going on the hunt for food. Being an indecisive group, it took us half an hour to agree on a place, but we finally settled down in a little American-Style diner.

Feasting over, we set off to explore the market, looking at the clothes, handbags, and all sorts of unique craft stalls, selling felt jewellery, Christmas cards, metalwork and much more. My favourite stalls were the winter jumper stalls; I have a slight obsession with wool, so these stalls were heaven. We spent around an hour and a half looking around Spitalfields, before going off to explore Brick lane and its famous vintage shops and exciting street art.

I adored these shops, which sold all sorts of clothes from all sorts of eras, I wanted to buy everything! We split up and searched the stores from corner to corner, and I was very excited to find lots of shoes in my size. I was very close to buying a suede skirt, but I just about resisted because of the price tag! We rounded everyone up again, dragging each other away from the silk scarves, and headed back to the meeting point at the market.

The next part of our adventure led us to Marble Arch Station, where we spent plenty of time (and money!) in the Oxford Street shops.
Eventually, just as the sun was beginning to set, it was time to get back on the coach and head home. It had been a successful day out, and was definitely worth the 3 hour journey.



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