Blog Headers

In today’s CAD lesson, we worked on creating headers; the aim was to create a simple, effective, eye-catching blog header on photoshop to use on our blogs. We previously spent some time analysing other blog headers, and looking at what’s good about them, and what’s less effective. Personally, I thought that simple, neat headings worked much better than busy ones, because they look more professional and keep the focus on the blog content.

After looking at good and bad points of headers, I then went on to create 5 examples of my own.

After a lot of thought, I decided on this design for my final blog header:


I chose this because it’s minimalistic and sophisticated, and I don’t think it will distract too much from the blog itself. I also like the two-toned design, as the dominant grey and hint of black work well together, and offers something a bit different to the usual plain black, without being too colourful and naive.

This design was my least favourite of the 5:


I think this is the least effective because the font is very basic, and while this can be a good thing, I don’t think the fonts are different enough to be eye-catching. Also, the black-on-black design doesn’t add any interest to the header.

Being more of a hands-on person, I don’t always get along with technology, but I actually enjoyed creating these headers!





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